Khulafa-e-Mannani Mia in Holland

Dear brother, if you are a khalifa of Huzoor Mannani Mia and your name is not on this list, you can send a scanned copy of the sanat that you received from him. Mail it to the postmaster of this website. After verifying the credentials your name will joined on this list. E-mail:

  1. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Juzoef Tangali Saheb Qadri Razvi
  2. Maulana Rafiek Roshan Saheb Qadri
  3. Haji Nazir Guman Saheb Qadri
  4. Haji Yusuf Guman Saheb
  5. Maulana Sultan Saheb
  6. Maulana Shabir Dilmohamed Saheb Naqhsbandi
  7. Haji Sheer Bechan Saheb
  8. Maulana Gaffar Bechan Saheb Qadri
  9. Maulana Firoz Hansildaar Saheb Naqsbandi
  10. Maulana Abdoel Rashid Badullah Saheb Qadri
  11. Maulana Mugtaar Ahmad Badullah Saheb Saqibi